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Our local school – The Beacon School in Banstead, has a number of children who are struggling with their education due to not having the IT equipment they need - can you help.
Local Magician Theo has a great way for you to raise funds at your school.
Bourne Hall Museum Kids’ Club has always prided itself in trying to get the best speakers – re-enactors who are both fun and entertaining.
Read the latest news from The Mary Frances Trust - with lots of activities and news about their 25 year celebrations
With the summer holidays fast approaching it's good to know what's available to keep the kids amused.
Take a look at the many and varied courses The Mary Frances Trust have coming up this Spring
The Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club is both entertaining and educational – yes they have fun learning..
The popular Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club shows us the history treats they have for early next year.
If you have regrets and missed opportunities read this account from a Farnham Speakers Club member about how life has changed for the better.
A new pottery studio has opened in Epsom, the brainchild of local resident Angie Starr.
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