Is this the world’s first indestructible notepad?
17th January 2019
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Everyday technological advances take place, in a world that is constantly evolving  - inventors are trying to find solutions to traditional problems. A small Ukrainian business has claimed to have created ‘the world’s first indestructible notepad. Known as  Nuka Stationary, this collection claims to include a notebook that is ‘forever reusable’ and water resistant along with a pencil that never goes blunt.

Many reporters have tried out the stationary set and it has been proven that the ink inside the notebook does not disappear when under water. It was also proven that users of the notebook can continue to add words to the notebook once is has been used underwater.

The pencil attached to the product claims to never go blunt, however this is not your traditional pencil. The pencil does not use lead but instead creates a chemical reaction on the pages of the notepad which appears as ink. You can also use normal pen in the notebook that once sprayed, can also be erased from the pages.

Many have argued that the ‘magic’ pencil is not entirely erasable and that worlds can still be slightly seen on the paper once erased. The inventors have responded stating that they are still working on this product and eventually it will be completely reusable so the pages will be able to be written on again and again.

So why would someone pay $60 dollars for this fancy stationary, when you could just pop to your local supermarket and buy traditional stationary for a fraction of the price? The company who has created the products has claimed they are creating eternal stationary. This means you would only need to use one notepad and pencil for your entire life. This would help to reduce the world’s current problem of too much waste.

So would this be the last set of stationary you ever buy? Whether you like the product or not it cannot be denied that it is exciting to see the technology advances that are taking place around us every day and it could give us a glimpse into what our future may look like.

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