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Christmas revellers who get into a spot of bother will be able to take advantage of a Help Zone in Exeter city centre next Friday (20 December).
A service, which last year prevented 800 women becoming ‘silent victims’, has been saved from closure with an emergency grant from Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg.
The controversy surrounding the ‘Walkie-Talkie’ building in London has highlighted the danger of the sun’s rays reflecting off surfaces and become a potential ignition source. The high-profile skyscraper under construction in Fernchurch Street was blamed for damage caused to parked cars, including a Jaguar, when sunlight reflected from its windows melted parts of the vehicles
Small businesses often complain that they cannot really compete with larger firms. Economy of scale is usually cited as the main reason for this. Large firms are able to purchase raw materials and stock on a scale that a small business could never afford.
Am I Insured?
Am I Insured?
Am I insured when I am at a networking event
The phenomena of Social Media has well and truly reached North Devon and the more people who use it correctly, the better it will be for businesses here in Barnstaple. Three basic rules to follow if you want to connect using Linkedin
Storm advice
A breakdown of the different types of car insurance
The Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries visited a Devon college last week to show his support for the clean-up of English rivers.
Too Much Cricket
Too Much Cricket
Are we asking too much of our international cricketers?
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