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The Kirami Easy wood fired hot tub is simple to maintain, and available with different colour inner and outers.
Many of the questions we receive about our hot tubs are related to water hygiene. A lot of people seem to think that taking care of water hygiene is difficult. In reality, it’s quite easy to keep your bathwater clean, as long as you have good instructions. When you follow Kirami’s advice, your bathwater will stay clean.
Multiheat infrared electric panel heaters are usually white, but can now be manufactured in any RAL colour to match or compliment the décor, individually created using a high gloss laquer or can be printed with your own jpeg image, business logo or photograph.
Infrared panel heaters are very slim, sitting in total about 4cm deep from the wall, there are no lights or switches, no fans or noise, the panel simply becomes hot, hot enough to give off a wavelength of infrared, a warmth you can feel on your skin, a warmth which also warms objects around you like the walls , floor and furniture, these objects then also give off heat, creating a cosy atmosphere, all this warmth then heats the air, and the air stays warm for longer because it is not being chilled, and you feel cosy.
Last year around 1,250 people in Devon died due to a smoking-related illness, and there were over 8,000 smoking attributable hospital admissions.
South Western Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SWASFT) is marking the two year anniversary this December for the ‘Staying Well Service’ for staff - Here at the ambulance service, our staff are regularly exposed to traumatic incidents by the very nature of the emergency life-saving work they do.
We know what the word ‘social’ means. We think we know what ‘prescribing’ means , But do we know what ‘Social Prescribing’ is?
Multi award-winning Cofton Holidays near Dawlish Warren, has announced that it is set to become the first holiday park in Devon to offer Les Mills BODYPUMP™ and BODYBALANCE™ to visiting guests and local residents.
Peak Performance, a popular Exeter gym that promises to help members improve their fitness and health, is undergoing a transformation of its own with investment of £50,000 under the management of new co-owners, Simon Almond and Mat Williams - The pair are carrying out a programme of dramatic improvements to the gym’s services and facilities to reward existing members and to attract new clients to its friendly community on Marsh Barton Trading Estate.
Mid Devon Leisure have a number of vacancies at their Leisure Centres
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