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Does your business have Spare Capacity? If you have products you would like to sell more of, or time in your business to look after new customers, you have spare capacity.
Communications agency, Absolute PR & Marketing, has been shortlisted for Outstanding Small Public Relations Consultancy at the 2018 Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) PRide Awards. Absolute is the only Exeter-based firm to be shortlisted in any category at the awards.
Air Marketing Group are delighted to launch their new sister company, Roots to Market.
Summer is here, that time of year when we all gain magical powers. Make it rain simply by pulling the BBQ out of the shed! Spooky. Still, while the weather is up and down like a teenagers mood, BBX is up and up!

There is a popular movement to encourage us to shop locally - but is this really the best way to support our community? At first sight it seems obvious that shopping locally will support local businesses and stores. It means that John buys from Sarah, Sarah buys from Bill, and Bill buys from John again - so the money flows in a virtuous circle.
The South West BBX community is expanding all the time, and helping businesses connect, grow and become more resilient.
Having left the Exeter Chiefs to join sales and marketing agency Smithkin Baker, Chris Bentley will be heading up support for Air Marketing in the new role of Client Relationship Director.
Business development agency, Air Marketing Group, have doubled the number of customers for local play area company, Play Area Hygiene Services.
South West Business Connections, organisers of the South West Business Expo are delighted with the outstanding sales of stands so far - With about 6 weeks to go more than 200 have been booked.
It’s that time of year when many parents, like me, are trying to help their teenagers to decide on their futures. Whether it is what college courses to take or which university studies to follow it is, as usual, a minefield. Clearly we want our children to do what they love and, hopefully, what they are good at but, in these times of accelerated change, we also want to steer them in a direction that they can be successful in.
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