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Benjamin Franklin said “there were only two things certain in life: death and taxes”. Which makes forward planning an imperative if you have family finances to safeguard.
If you are looking at moving home or buying a new house from a developer, watch out for this new trap that people are falling into that can make your home unsaleable or unmortgageable.
I often act for business owners who are taking a lease of new business premises – a shop , office or industrial unit. If they are not existing clients they often come to me only once agreement has been reached on the terms of the lease.
Our clients tell us that they enjoy working with us. Why? Because we act as their legal partner, not just another service provider.
Every stage of moving home can be a stressful experience so having an expert working in your best interests has to be your highest priority. Reduce that stress by getting a professional conveyancing team to take the strain for you.
After the tragic news of the young Kirsty List being diagnosed with mesothelioma (Cancer related to exposure to asbestos), believed to be from a North Devon school, it has led to many others concerned about the condition and any implications it may have for themselves.
If you are one of the people that don’t like to think of the inevitable, or maybe you believe a lasting power of attorney is an added hassle or expense, we explain why it’s as essential as planning your pension.
We are often advised to use a professional and seek out expert advice to help when we don’t have the experience or skills to do a job ourselves. So what happens when they get it wrong and leave you in trouble after you’ve paid good money for their expertise?
The belief that you can post anything online with impunity is wrong. More people than ever are seeking legal advice on how to address defamation about themselves or their business. Samuels Solicitors are advising clients on the best way to approach these situations.
An impressive new recruit to the team at Samuels Solicitors in Barnstaple has edged them above their competition.
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