Too Much Cricket
10th March 2011
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Are we playing too much cricket?


As Stuart Broad and Kevin Pietersen leave the sub continent with injuries to themselves, I want to know are we playing too much cricket and are we expecting too much from our international players?

Most of the current England team have been abroad since the end of October playing various forms of this great sport, but is it not time to stop chasing the cash or dollar and go back to playing county cricket and five test matches a year?

Most of the last few days of each of the various ashes tests were played to half empty grounds as the locals either thought that the ticket prices were too high or they didnt want to see their lads get thrashed at home. Either way how can you expect the modern day player to keep going with so much cricket overseas?

We are already seeing players retiring at young ages, broken and wounded all in the call of duty but this shouldn't be if the cricketing authorities changed the shedules. Too many meaningless one dayers straight after long test matches doesn't help.

So come on cricket worldwide, scrap twenty twenty and some of the one dayers and make sure we look after our players.

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