Don't Let the Weather Ruin Your Christmas
15th December 2011
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I hate to be the bearer of bad news but during our most festive of periods, we (the UK) are set to be buffeted by a frantic storm that is to sweep across our green and pleasant land. The Met Office have issued several severe weather warnings for heavy rain, wintry showers and winds of up to 70mph over the coming days. In an attempt to not let this inclement spell ruin your turkey dinner, I have put together a few words of advice that might just be of use to us all, Including Santa.

How to prepare for a storm:

       Secure loose objects in your garden such as ladders, garden furniture or anything else that could be blown away or into windows

      Close and securely fasten doors and windows, particularly on the windward side of the building. It is often the case that doors and windows can act as a sail and catch the wind very easily. The larger the door/window, the greater the threat (the bigger the sail)

      Park you vehicle clear of buildings, trees and walls if possible. The best place for your treasured MG is in your garage as this will tend to have greater foundations and, therefore, strength

      Unclog your drains and guttering so that large amounts of water cannot accumulate and flood

      Make sure you have enough food and drink (not that you wouldn’t have enough in the cupboard at this time of year) You could even get together a few other items that would be of good use during turbulent times, such as batteries, portable radio, a torch and a first aid kit

What to do during a storm:

Storms can vary in their severity and at this time of year, with the severity of the storm at hand, I would suggest ‘battening down the hatches’, getting your nearest and dearest around you, making a warm cup of something sweet, opening a box of quality street, getting the duvet downstairs and watching an appropriate yuletide film. . . cheesy, I know, but what more could you ask for?

After the storm:

Should the worst happen and you suffer some property damage, be careful not to touch any exposed electrical/telephone cables and if there is any doubt as to whether something is safe or not, make the call and get a professional to make sure that all is as it should be. Make a note of everything that is damaged and decide as to whether you need to make an Insurance claim.

One thing not to forget is those around us who are less fortunate or who are less able to look after themselves. Make a visit to your elderly neighbour, check all is well and see if there is anything you can do to help them at, what can be, a very lonely time of year after all, it is the season of good will to all men. Please stay safe this Christmas, have a great time and look after each other.


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