Will join us for the ULTIMATE #shopsudburypledge and support your local High Street!
30th April 2021
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I’ve said this before and you won’t be surprised to know I’m going to say it again

These last 12 months have been an absolute nightmare for businesses. We’ve sadly waved goodbye to well known and loved high street brands, not just in Sudbury but across the country. 

But even before COVID-19 hit our shores, our high streets were having a fairly torrid time. 

Over the last few decades, we’ve seen our shopping habits change. First it was the out of town of shopping centres (or as I like to call them, the soul destroyers) and then came our online shopping.

Don’t get me wrong, the Internet has been a godsend over the last year. I’m not where I would have been without Netflix and Zoom. However, certain online shopping websites have helped giving those bricks and mortar shops a massive kicking.

When I started thebestof Sudbury 7 years ago, I pledged to buy local. I spent the month of May 2014 only buying from independent businesses and documenting the experience. Turns out, I buy a lot of unnecessary stuff so managed to save quite a bit of money, thus crushing the argument that local doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive in the long run.

I’ve decided to do again because our local businesses need us more than ever. Even small changes where we spend our hard earned money can make a huge difference to our local economy. Did you know that just £1 spent in your local town or village, is worth 400% more to the local economy than £1 spend elsewhere? 

This time around though I’ve drafted in help and myself and Rachel Price, Sudbury’s Town Centre Manager,are taking THE ULTIMATE #shopsudburypledge and will be shopping EXCLUSIVELY locally for a whole month


Well, we want to support and promote all the amazing local businesses in our local area and show that actually you can get most of the things you need right here on your doorstep. I’ve also been told it takes at least 21 days to form a habit, so we can get back in the habit of shopping locally

How can you get involved?

If you’re on social media, join the #ShopSudburyPledge Facebook Group Here. Post what you buy, share your recipes, your good finds, your favourite businesses.. Share the love. Use the #shopsudburypledge on other platforms

If like Rachel and I, you’re going to be an Ultimate Pledger, and only shop locally for one month, you’ll get a shout on thebestof Sudbury and Sudbury Town Council page. If you’re a business, send us your logo and it will be included too,

2: Sign the form below and pledge your support.

Shop Sudbury Pledge

We invite you to join the #ShopSudburyPledge:

Sign up below and take the pledge:

1. MORE LOCAL - Aim to shop or experience local at least once a week, but the more frequently the better. Remember, £1 spent in our town is worth 400% more to the local economy than £1 spent out of it.

2. INDEPENDENT SUDBURY - Sudbury's town centre comprises 70% independent businesses, now imagine they were all gone. Sudbury's indies are the soul, character and the backbone of our town. Try to shop independent at least once a week.

3. DIVERSIFY - We all get stuck in shopping habits but part of this pledge involves trying out shopping with a Sudbury business you've never visited before. You can discover local on virtualhighstreet.uk/sudbury

4. SHARE - As well as using #ShopSudburyPledge when you post your purchases don't forget to tag the business you've visited and shopped with, join and share your purchases and experiences here: facebook.com/groups/shopsudburypledge and whereever else you like to spread the word.

5. REVIEW - Positive reviews can help others discover our local businesses, had a great experience? Tell us about it! Send me your recommendations HERE and I will get as many reviews up on social media


The #ShopSudburyPledge is a collaboration between Sudbury Town Council, Sudbury's Virtual High Street, the bestof Sudbury and most importantly you!

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