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If the mind is busy complaining, how can it find the energy for the creation of new opportunities for relationships, job, etc..? The vibrations emitted by complaining emit magnetic waves on hippocampal neurons, switching them off. So how can we stop complaining?
Suzi Rixon, a qualified Bach Flower therapist in Shrewsbury, explains why natural therapy is not a box ticking exercise...
An award winning dental practice in Shrewsbury is pioneering counseling treatment to help people deal with their fear of the dentist.
The Evolve professional hair & beauty salon in Shrewsbury held its official opening ceremony on Wednesday 26th November as specially invited guests visited the new state-of-the-art facilities and saw treatments in action.
As you all know, the skin is the largest organ in the body - it covers 22 square feet and weighs about 8lb....
A dental practice team in Shrewsbury are all smiles after being shortlisted for three national awards during September.
My name is Emma Thomas, I am 24 years old and this is my blog about having orthodontic treatment at The Dental Spa in Shrewsbury.
Hi, it’s Gemma Smith this time, one of the Fitness Instructors at The Shrewsbury Club.
Mr Inverdale, the regular presenter of Today at Wimbledon who also fronts the BBC's Six Nations Rugby coverage, will be appearing at The Shrewsbury Club on Friday, September 19.
I see so many new patients for facial aesthetics at The Dental Spa in Shrewsbury, and nearly all of them tell me initially that they have been thinking about having ‘something done’ for ages.
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