Accentuate the positive – eliminate the negative says Shrewsbury therapist
11th August 2016
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This blog is inspired by a workshop that I will be co-hosting with Leonardo Romanelli, an esteemed holistic therapist and author. The theme is how an activity, enjoyed by almost 90% of the population, “Complaining”, literally switches of a part of the brain, thereby making it impossible to open yourself up to new perspectives and solutions.

Bach Flower Essences can play a significant part in changing our approach, opening up our minds and creating a wealth of energy for the creation of new, vibrant opportunities for relationships, jobs, etc.

WILD ROSE is a perfect example:

This essence creates a lively interest in all things. Such interest and vitality produce happiness, the enrichment and enjoyment of friends and good health.



Engenders radiation of joy and vitality. The conviction that all difficulties will be overcome in the end.

It is also perfect for those who are overwhelmed by feelings of hopelessness and despair. “What's the point?”


Positive properties: No obstacle too great. Great conviction of accomplishments and of surmounting difficulties.

Symptoms: Easily discouraged. Failure to realise that one's own negative mentality actively attracts despondency and melancholia.

The workshop aims to be a simple and enjoyable way to experience the effects of complaining and to see the negative impact on the body and mind.

Join us on Saturday the 20th August at the United Reform Church, Coleham Head, SY3 7BJ, from 10am to 5pm.
For more information please contact me, Suzi Rixon, on 07950 006956 or Leonardo on 07783 614639.

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