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We all love special offers. Whether it's two-for-one on Chicken Kievs in Sainsburys or collecting Nectar points, every little bit helps (as another supermarket says). To help celebrate Christmas in Shrewsbury, Paul and his team at Pockets have a genuine sp
Shrewsbury & Atcham Borough Council has been awarded £70,000 by the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund towards the Darwin Memorial Geo Garden. The Shrewsbury project is a response to the connections between Darwin's ideas and the landscape that inspired h
Weddings, weddings, weddings... three words guaranteed to send a chill through the heart of any young man. But I'm now in my mid 30s and happily married, so my youthful dreams of bachelorhood and flitting between Jet from Gladiators and Belinda Carlisle ar
Finally got to see Bond! And, contrary to what a lot of people have been saying, I thought it was great! OK, so I didn't really understand much of the plot but the action sequences were brilliant. They used the same stunt co-ordinator as the Bourne films,
Still haven't managed to see Bond.... Still! And I'm a bit worried that everyone I know who has been to see it haven't been that impressed. Too much action, not enough plot, they say. Sounds perfect to me really. Anyway, another reminder about thebestof's
So Bonfire Night in Shrewsbury is upon us once more. I still love it but now I have a baby and two dogs, it does create a certain amount of stress.... Always nice to watch some fireworks and have a whiskey mac though, so I'll probably wait till Saturday an
So Halloween in Shrewsbury is upon us.... I'd better tell the mother-in-law to stop in.... If you fancy getting up to something truly spooky this year, check outShrewsbury's ghost tourstaking place every Thursday. Our town is full of historical horror and
Shrewsbury loves James Bond. Oh, OK, everyone loves James Bond. Gone are the invisible cars and Roger Moore's eyebrow raise. They've made way for a grittier, more serious Bond. No doubt Jason Bourne had something to do with it but that's a good thing, as m
Up early this morning as I'd forgotten to put the recycling out last night. The recycling guys come really early round here. Then I stumble back to bed and Emma tells me it's household rubbish today, not recycling, and those blokes don't come till about mi
Another day of paperwork.... It's a glam business, you know. I do love it though. What other job sees you chatting with a beauty therapist one minute and an undertaker the next?! It's only all the form-filling that's a drag.If you yourself are getting stre
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