Salford Council propose a ban on fast food for kids
5th June 2013
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Last week saw news of Salford Council proposing a ban on the sale of fast food to children during school hours. This ban has been proposed as a way of tackling the rising numbers of childhood obesity in Salford, and could perhaps spur a trend in similar bans throughout the UK. With most schools no longer providing things like chips and turkey twizzlers to children at lunchtime, some school kids are venturing elsewhere to get their fix, and this daily intake of high-fat foods is going nowhere towards a healthy lifestyle.

With fixtures in place to provide children with balanced meals at school, putting a ban on selling them fast food during school hours will perhaps encourage them to eat what is offered to them, or bring a healthier packed lunch. There is no need for children to be venturing out of school grounds at lunchtime when there is perfectly good food being served where they are, and it seems this yearning for fast food could be stemming from their diet at home, which perhaps also needs to be tackled in the near future.

Do you agree with this ban, and do you think it will help tackle obesity problems?


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