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Why learn to Nordic Walk
Why learn to Nordic Walk
As an activity for the wider population Nordic walking it is not much more than 20 years old. Prior to this a similar activity was engaged in as an exclusive advanced training trick for keen cross country skiers who wanted to get a head start on dry land before the snows came.
Life as a tour guide will always open up days of interest and sometimes challenge and I wanted to begin to share with you some of the days out which a tour guide maybe asked to deliver.
In the heart of South West Wales amidst the glorious Pembrokeshire Country side we have a very special attraction that is just wonderful for a day out.
There's an almost endless list of places to visit and things to see right here on our doorstep so make sure you're making the most of living in this incredibly popular tourist destination.
Have you spent the day at Clerkenhill Adventure Farm and Frisbee Golf Course yet?
American - Pembrokeshire links
American - Pembrokeshire links
Looking back to my tour guiding work of 2015, I led some great people around Pembrokeshire. Probably the most interesting guest of all was David P Bridges, " The Major”, who was an American Historical novelist.
As a tour guide I get the opportunity to lead many differing groups and individuals around our County. One of my most interesting jobs this summer was to lead a group of Indians for a long weekend around Pembrokeshire.
The mystery of the Preseli hills has intrigued me since a young age. I have often pondered on the significance of the hills and in particular it's well documented connection with Stonehenge.
Prehistoric Pembrokeshire
Prehistoric Pembrokeshire
Let's begin at the beginning - prehistoric caves, magnificent burial monuments, stone circles and archaeological stories of Stonehenge. In Pembrokeshire we are fortunate to have so many ancient prehistoric sites still visible for visitors to stand in awe and to reflect upon how life was like so long ago and what these ancient monuments meant to them.
The UK Bungee Club have just successfully completed a weekend of adrenaline sport in Pembroke Dock, With over 100 Bungee jumpers completing the 160ft dare devil jump off the cleddau bridge!
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