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Planning the size and implications of an upgrade to one's kitchen is a good idea. Is the upgrade just new cupboard and fresh flooring or will you go the whole hog and include a complete strip and refit with new appliances and stylish new fixtures? A good starting point is a budget? What do you plan to spend and can you afford it? Is the kitchen multifunctional, i.e. is it a combined kitchen/dining area?
Bedrooms are of major significance in any home, they can be a haven of peace and tranquillity away from the madding rush of life, a boudoir for the lady of the house, a family place where youngsters can chill after school, and the place for visitors to sleep when in residence.
Having a good night’s sleep is not just one of life’s pleasures but it is essential to general good health and wellbeing, having the right bed for you is also important.
Planning, planning, planning. Modern kitchens require professional design because they are a major part of home life, meeting place, eating space, food storage and preparation space etc. Effective kitchen design needs to address a number of issues and we offer a few pointers to assist.
From weaving to fitting, your home can enjoy beautiful flooring that's extremely local.
If you have floors to recarpet, consider the durability and luxury of wool.
Fishguard Carpet Services offer a wide range of furnishings, not just carpets. A visit to their premises near the seafront at Goodwick will surprise you as they have so much to offer in their newly refurbished lovely spacious store.
It will come as no surprise to hear that moving house is rated as one of the top three stressful life-events that we can expect
If you're having difficulty sleeping but your bed is comfortable, your room is at a healthy temperature and there's nothing on your mind, consider this...
Any alteration you make to your home makes a difference: that's what spurs us on to make improvements.
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