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Having a good night’s sleep is not just one of life’s pleasures but it is essential to general good health and wellbeing, having the right bed for you is also important.
Why learn to Nordic Walk
Why learn to Nordic Walk
As an activity for the wider population Nordic walking it is not much more than 20 years old. Prior to this a similar activity was engaged in as an exclusive advanced training trick for keen cross country skiers who wanted to get a head start on dry land before the snows came.
Life as a tour guide will always open up days of interest and sometimes challenge and I wanted to begin to share with you some of the days out which a tour guide maybe asked to deliver.
As many of you may know 2016 is being promoted by Visit Wales as the " Year of adventure"
Prehistoric Pembrokeshire
Prehistoric Pembrokeshire
Let's begin at the beginning - prehistoric caves, magnificent burial monuments, stone circles and archaeological stories of Stonehenge. In Pembrokeshire we are fortunate to have so many ancient prehistoric sites still visible for visitors to stand in awe and to reflect upon how life was like so long ago and what these ancient monuments meant to them.
Just to introduce I am a tour guide, educator and storyteller and over the coming weeks, months and I do hope years, I will be sharing insights and stories of my experience of a lifetime of discovery of the people and places of Pembrokeshire.
Newport Memorial Hall
Newport Memorial Hall
There's so much going on every week at the village's excellent facility.
After a long hot spell, the athletes must have given a great sigh of relief at the overcast start. Nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of LOCAL support though, as testified to by the number of cars filling every available flat spot.
Improve your smile with white fillings.
Time for a clear out, and maybe a new look? If your home interior could do with a bit of a facelift, help is at hand!
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