What to Do in Pembrokeshire This Easter
21st March 2016
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When I was asked to write a feature about what to do in Pembrokeshire over the Easter break, I wondered at first if someone was pulling my leg. For a start, the schools only break up for two weeks and that's hardly enough time to cover more than a few square miles and another thing: all you have to do is walk outside and even the lousiest shot could hit something to see or do in a stone's throw but no, they told me, we really want you to write about what to do. So here I am with not enough room to even start waxing lyrical about everything we have under our noses but I'm going to give it a go! 

Get the littlies away from screens and give them something really different to get their teeth into! If just getting them out and into fresh air is enough, you're already spoilt for choice. Barafundle Bay. Broad Haven. Whitesands. Tenby. Huge open spaces just waiting to be filled with energy and laughter. Got a kite? You can pick up a lightweight pocket kite for around £3 but £10 will get you something that's durable without being too high-end or complicated and these exposed coastal areas will never leave you short of a breeze or two to get it launched and wheeling through the sky. Take it to a different beach every day. Perfect! 

Castles. They're so boring – you really mustn't waste your time. It's not as if there are costumed staff and interactive challenges waiting for you to join in with nooks, crannies and stone steps to climb and explore. There's absolutely no sign of a thousand years’ worth of history packed into the stones, views from turrets, the funny tingling in your legs when you get to the top and then look down. Imagine what they'd tell you if the walls could talk. I really can't think of anything duller. Can you? :) We live so close to these hugely important sites that we overlook their magnificence and a trip to Carew or Pembroke is an almighty day out at a location that people in other parts of the world can only hope and dream of coming to see. We have a majestic cathedral in the UK's smallest town right on our doorstep and the lovely Bishop's Palace adjoining. Take a picnic and let your historical hero shine through! 

What's that? You want something more hands-on? Some kind of activity? How about Heatherton, then? There's no entry fee; you just pay for what you take part in. How about the Reptile Experience in Saundersfoot? Tenby Dinosaur Park? The Creative Cafe in Narberth? Anna's Welsh Zoo? Clerkenhill? A boat trip to Skomer? Or how about Ramsey? Or Caldey? I'm nearly at the bottom of the page and I haven't even started properly listing the options we all have, year round. Tenby Museum? Manorbier Castle? The National Trust has properties just waiting to see you like Colby Woodland Gardens, or the Stackpole Estate and Bosherston Lily Ponds. Have you ever called in on the Merchants House in Tenby? Even if you don't have your NT membership card with you, they'll grant you free entry after checking for your details on the database. Another great day out that has a great seasonable programme is Scolton Manor: have you ever walked the whole grounds? When the bluebells start showing in a couple of weeks it will look stunning indeed. Do you know about the Dyfed Shire Horse Farm near Eglwyswrw (where, I can assure you, it has actually stopped raining)? Have you been to see Mike Mayberry, the canoeing chap based in Fishguard? Take on the freedom of the waves in safe hands and look up at our coast in a way you've never done before: you truly won't forget that day in a hurry. Horseriding? Yes, even for absolute novices. We have a dozen riding schools that are waiting to saddle you up and take you for a trot so you can see your surroundings from a new angle – you can do it, Kimosabe! Or how about Dr Beynon's Bug Farm near St Davids? (no, really – you can have the chocolate ants: I'm full). 

We have beaches. We have hundreds of miles of coastal paths and inland trails. We have bridleways, we have rivers and seas. We have small towns; we have big hills. We have views that are the envy of the world. We have day trips to islands near and far (Rosslare is only few hours away) and we have campsites that would make us feel as if we were a thousand miles from home whilst only being 10 minutes’ drive from our own front doors. All we have to do is enjoy it. 


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