Pembrokeshire Promise - an Introduction
1st October 2015
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Hello Pembrokeshire people and those of further afield and thank you for tuning into my first blog for the Best of Pembrokeshire.

Just to introduce I am a tour guide, educator and storyteller and over the coming weeks, months and I do hope years, I will be sharing insights and stories of my experience of a lifetime of discovery of the people and places of Pembrokeshire.

A great Welshman and broadcaster the late " Wnyford Vaughan Thomas" said about the country of Wales, " It's just about the right size to get know well, in one lifetime". He was a far greater man than I, so in my realism a few years ago I thought, " Pembrokeshire is just about the right size for me to get know well in what's left of my lifetime".  I have stuck by these words and over the years of exploring the paths, lanes, hills, valleys and coastline I have began to uncover " what really makes Pembrokeshire tick!". 

Getting back to Wynford Vaughan Thomas he was himself steeped in Pembrokeshire life and history and if you have ever started the Pembrokeshire Coast Path walk at Amroth, you will see the plaque which names Wynford Vaughan Thomas as the person who officially opened the Pembrokeshire Coast Path 45 years ago.

So the title for this inaugural blog is Pembrokeshire Promise and for many people these 2 words are loaded with so much emotion and expectation.  Many people would shudder at the words of Pembrokeshire promise, people up and down our county waiting patiently upon builders, offers of help and other long expected visitation and engagement.  But hold on for a moment, a friend of mine after moving down from the city of London was completely taken back by the pace and quality of life.  He was so pleased to find a people and way of life which was not run along the lines of instant demand and immediacy, he noticed in the people a rare quality of life and reflection which seemed to send him back in time to a more natural pace, people more tuned in to country life and their environment.  When talking to tradesman he was amazed at some of the responses, no longer were immediate references to instant demands, " not sure when I can get to you boy but Spring and summer are looking pretty full boy, maybe Autumn I should be free to come and have a look".

Pembrokeshire does hold so much promise and people are rarely disappointed.  Our jewel is out pristine environment and landscape, the cliffs and coves of our magnificent Pembrokeshire coastline. Our ancient pre- history and great monuments of presence and purpose.  Our castles, churches and cathedrals, stories of pirates Celtic Saints and tales of the Mabinogion. Stay tuned for our next encounter with the promise of Pembrokeshire.

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