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23rd February 2016
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Wales is the ideal country to declare " year of adventure".  It is a small manageable country with some of the finest landscapes to be explored.  We have a rich heritage to inform our stories of people and place and we have a talented and passionate workforce ready to deliver some of the best adventure activities that you can uncover anywhere.

When we first hear of year of adventure we may immediately think upon people jumping of rocks, mountain bike descents, climbers traversing sheer cliff faces or kayakers riding the rapids of our many rivers.  That image is all part of what year of adventure is becoming but it's time to paint the picture on a broader canvas.  Not everyone is capable of participating in these extreme sports, so the year of adventure must be available for all.  The less fit, the less able and those who may need additional support needs or just those who want to enjoy the softer side of adventure activities.

That's where I fit in.  I don't jump off rocks, ascend cliffs or ride the surf (well not as a group leader).
I am a tour guide and educator with my feet firmly on the ground.  I lead you on adventure activities through guided walks, wilderness adventures, Nordic walking and help you to explore and enjoy our great West Wales countryside on foot.  We will visit some of the popular paths and places as well as seeking out some of the more hidden trails and secret sites.  I will teach you to walk with poles, wilderness skills for your journey, become mindful in nature, as well as share with you the tales of our past.  I will also look out for you best interests and support you in your engagement with our great outdoors.

Here in Wales we have the best talented, trained experienced guides to lead you on the year of adventure.  Let me share some of my credentials with you just as an example of how seriously professional guides take their work.  Pembrokeshire paths was established in 2004 and over the years I have led many hundreds of people into the countryside.  My training has included walk leader training, outdoor education, accreditation in training, Nordic walking accreditation, social forestry accreditation, extensive bush craft and wilderness skills training, wildlife tour guiding certificate and numerous wildlife courses, tour guiding certificates, professional storytelling, mentoring and counselling, first aid.  I am also accredited by Visit Wales as a Green badge tour guide and a member of the Wales official tour guide Association.  Finally, I have received a technical inspection from Visit Wales and have become an approved outdoor activity provider under Visit Wales.

As you can see professional tour guides take their work seriously and with the year of adventure soon to enter into full swing, please watch this space and join in the great adventures that West Wales will give you.

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