Can I have white fillings in my teeth?
29th May 2013
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Can I have white fillings in my teeth?

White fillings are often use to repair front teeth – and can even be colour-matched to your own teeth.

At Pembrokeshire Dental Centre in Newport (LINK) your dentist will advise you which is the best sort of filling for you.

Why can’t I have white fillings in back teeth?

White fillings are not as strong as the silver or amalgam versions, so they are not suitable for large fillings in the back of the mouth.

However the dentists at Pembrokeshire Dental Centre in Newport (LINK) may use white filling sat the back if there is too much decay or damage.

The white filling material sticks to teeth, unlike the amalgam, and so it can be used to repair teeth at the front, which are decayed or chipped or broken.

Your dentist will talk about different types of white filling – usually ‘glass ionomer’ or ‘composite’.

How is it done?

For this treatment the area around the tooth will be numbed with anaesthetic, decay will be removed, and some or all of any old fillings will be taken away.

The tooth is washed and dried by blowing water and then air onto it, then the filling is out in and shaped. It is usually hardened by pointing a bright light onto it, during which the dentist and his assistant will wear protective glasses.

Then the filling is trimmed and may be polished.

These fillings can be colour-matched to your own teeth and can be used to reshape and rebuild edges or worn teeth.

They can also cover marks or discolouration.

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