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Whether you’re moving one item or 100 items, you want your precious cargo to arrive in exactly the same condition as when it left.
Now it’s October we can look forward to the trees changing into their autumn finery, warming soups and stews, brisk walks on chilly sunny days and of course finding that our central heating has stopped working sometime during the summer!
Although it’s the end of the school summer holiday there’s still plenty of things happening in and around Hertford and Ware as well as many national days, here are some of them …
We are frequently asked about car boot sales in the area but it is difficult for us to obtain up to date information. If you are an organiser for one of these events then please get in touch.
August Bank Holiday (or Summer Bank Holiday as it’s recently been called), is on Monday 27th and is widely regarded as the end of the summer holidays and the last three day break away from work before Christmas.
July’s here and that means Summer is here! Here are 5 things to do with your little ones (or days out for adults).
Here’s a handy printable checklist for everything you need for a successful picnic...
The food and drink that you take really depends on the reason for a picnic and the ages of those you are providing for. For example, it is unlikely that a romantic picnic for two would contain the same treats as a family picnic with young children and vis versa.
If you’re looking for a romantic spot to share with a loved one or maybe a place for some family fun or just some quiet ‘me-time’ away from it all then pack up a cool bag, grab a rug and head on out to make memories or just to chill.
This is the month when we find events, fete’s and fayres popping up like daisy’s in and around Hertford and Ware, here are some of them.
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