Fashionable Fruit, Tennis and a very British Tradition
29th June 2023
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Wimbledon, the most prestigious and iconic tennis tournament in the world begins on Monday 3rd July. Whether you are attending in person or watching on television, will you be indulging in a tradition synonymous with Wimbledon - strawberries and cream. The combination of luscious red strawberries and freshly whipped cream has become intrinsically associated with Wimbledon.

So why is this? The tournament started in the late 19th century at about the same time as advancements in transportation meant that fresh produce could be delivered to London quickly. Fresh fruit was now readily available in London and as strawberries became a popular and fashionable fruit it coincided with the early years of The Wimbledon Tournament.

Strawberries are also in their prime in the summer, reaching peak ripeness in June and July, coinciding again with the Wimbledon tournament. Over time, the combination of strawberries and cream gained popularity among spectators attending Wimbledon matches and it quickly became customary for spectators to savour this treat while watching their favourite tennis players compete on the grass courts.

Strawberries and cream at Wimbledon have transcended their culinary significance to become an integral part of British culture and an iconic symbol of the Wimbledon Championships. This pairing with the tournament is so deeply ingrained that it has become a symbol of British summertime evoking a sense of nostalgia and tradition, reminding us of the importance of preserving customs that define a nation.

As spectators gather to witness tennis excellence on the hallowed courts, the enjoyment of this classic treat whether watching at home or at the courts creates a sensory experience that complements the atmosphere.

The strawberries and cream tradition at Wimbledon hopefully continues to capture the imagination, honouring the heritage of the tournament and ensuring that this delicious custom endures for generations to come. 

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