Why 'Buy Local'?
2nd June 2015
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There are many reasons why it’s important to ‘Buy Local’ – first, it strengthens the economic base of our community. Many studies have shown that when products or produce are bought from independent, locally owned businesses rather than multi-nationals, significantly more of the money spent is used to purchase products from other local independent businesses.

One key advantage of buying locally is that it will reduce environmental impact as local businesses who buy their products or produce will require less transportation of their goods. This means less contribution towards sprawl, congestion, habitat loss and pollution.

Nationally, local small businesses are the largest employer and employ local people from the community. Similarly, local businesses are owned by people that live in the local community and who are unlikely to leave the area which means that they are more invested in the community’s future. People who are hired by local businesses normally have a better understanding of the products that they are selling and take more time in getting to know the customers.

Local small businesses also allow their customers to often buy what they want by selecting products that are not on a national sales plan and meet the needs of local customers, which in effect will give customers a much broader range of product choice.

Organisations that are not-for-profit receive on average 250% more support from smaller business owners then they would do form larger multi-national businesses.

So remember ‘Buy Local’ and give something back to your local Hastings community.

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