What is a job coach?
4th December 2018
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Job Coaches at Little Gate Farm have a varied and interesting job!! Not only do we get individuals with learning difficulties and autism into paid employment, giving them dignity, confidence and a sense of purpose.  We also get the opportunity to support them in the workplace for the first few months until they can complete their tasks independently. Travel training & benefit advice are offered so that people have the best possible outcome.  We break down barriers with employers by making reasonable adjustments in the workplace and offering training. A job coach spends time within the workplace before an individual’s start date to ensure they can successfully offer the best training and support.  Preparation is is such an important factor.

A vocational profile is completed using a person-centred approach.  This basically means that we collect all the relevant information in order to empower an individual and match them to a job role that is sustainable.  Individuals are invited to make personal, informed choices about jobs and careers, developing their own awareness and understanding of opportunities and obstacles that may arise. We aim to identify aspirations, interests and abilities. Parents and carers also can get involved in this process when we do a home visit, often adding a valuable insight into the strengths and challenges a person may have.

Work experience is a great way of improving a person’s skill set.  It also creates a vital opportunity to try a job to see if it’s enjoyable.  Work trainees at the farm are offered up to eight weeks work experience with a job coaches support.

Where possible, we arrange taster days with employers rather than a formal interview, allowing an individual to demonstrate their skills and have a real taste of what the job will entail.

Job coaching in funded by ‘Access to Work’, via the Department of Work and Pensions. When applying for this financial support, a job coach must send in a plan of how the support will gradually be reduced as a person becomes more independent.  The end goal being that a job coach steps right back, no longer supporting the whole time within the workplace. We are always at the end of a phone ready to support again as and when needed.

If you are an employer and have any job opportunities, please contact Andrea Randall-Smith at andrearandallsmith@littlegate.org.uk / 01424 423505

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