So what is all the talk about chat hours?
29th September 2014
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For example in our region, we currently have two chat hours.  

Since March 2013, #SussexHour has been taking place every Thursday night on Twitter from 8.30-9.30.  Typically 150+ businesses, and community minded people across the Sussex area join in on #SussexHour and share their weekly news, engage with each other and importantly support each other by retweeting and following each other if they so choose.

More recently, #EBHour has been set up for Eastbourne and already in the space of just a few weeks has attracted averagely 50 contributors per week.  #EBHour takes place just before #SussexHour from 7.30-8.30pm every Thursday.

There is also an #EnglandHour on Sundays from 9.00-10.00pm – these are all great ways of promoting your business locally or nationally.

There are many different chat hours, most of which are listed on Chat Salad website

How can I join in?

On your Twitter home screen use the search box to search for the chat hour, it will then bring up all the tweets that are being sent using the relevant hashtag e.g. #SussexHour – you will see everyone participating tweeting.  Be sure to select “all” tweets and not just “top” tweets.

If you have another tab or window open leave this on your notifications during the chat hour so you can see the activity that directly relates to you e.g. anyone replying to your tweet, following you, retweeting you and so on.

The best way to start is to say hello and new to the hat hour, this normally will bring lots of messages from kind people welcoming you in and asking you about what you do.

So what about a #HastingsHour?

Well this would be a great thing to have for Hastings – boosting local conversations and networks. 

#HastingsHour needs a host!

The current host of #EBHour and #SussexHour (Me) simply can’t squeeze another chat hour in, but is happy to come to support anyone that is happy to dedicate an hour of their week (and a wee bit more to promote it) to get #HastingsHour off the ground.  Being a host does require commitment as the Chat Hours do not work as effectively without one.  It’s also wise to have someone who’s happy to cover you for rare times that you may not be available. 

If this is you, just give me a shout and I will be happy to talk through what is involved. Tel: 07958559600 or Email



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