Rock and Roll at White Rock Theatre : The Buddy Holly Story
4th May 2017
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Writing you my first thoughts on this rock and roll, West End musical playing at the White Rock Theatre, Hastings until Saturday 6th May.

The story of Buddy Holly was one I was unfamiliar with, however the cast really helped bring the story to life and I was soon engrossed in Buddy’s mission to adventure away from the country and western genre that he had found himself in, to be the rock and roll artist that he yearned to be, playing the sort of music that “the young people wanted to hear”.  

Hits such as ‘that’ll be the day’, ‘Rave on’, and ‘Peggy Sue’ were played live on stage by cast members, while the audience tapped their feet in time to the drum beat.  The music was great, the cast were all very strong and I loved the moving set pieces, however sometimes there were delays between scene changes.

The actor playing Buddy was full of energy and embraced the quirky character, wearing his signature thick, black glasses.  The actor really carried the musical right to the end, allowing me to understand the struggles Buddy had to go through musically in his short life.

Overall, an upbeat and feel good musical, with familiar hits that will have you up on your feet!  

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