Real Life Story: “What have I done?! I don’t want to retire!”
21st February 2019
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What happens when you enter retirement age 68, only to discover it’s not what you want after all? Which way do you turn? How do you decide what to do next? Sixty-nine-year-old Dee Flower is an example of someone who found herself in this unexpected situation. But returning to employment in a new role has left her happier and more content than she’s ever been. Her story is one of inspiration and empowerment, acting as proof that your most exciting life chapter could still be unwritten...

Dee is currently employed as a part-time Skills and Apprenticeships Consultant for Little Gate Farm - a charity that supports young people with autism and learning disabilities. A typical day in her role involves talking to employers about the benefits of recruiting these young people through supported apprenticeships.


Having no previous experience of autism or learning disabilities, Dee found herself embracing a fantastic learning opportunity. She says, “This role was brand new to me and what I love about it is that I’m at one end of my career and the young people I’m supporting are at the other end of their career, which is just fabulous.

“This is the first time I’ve worked with people with autism and learning disabilities, and I’m still learning now. I try to get involved as best I can by going to conferences and things like that. I’m just absolutely loving it, I really am. I feel great.

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