Performing Outdoors in the Summer Time (Part 2)
15th July 2018
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On Saturday I was asked to create balloon art for 80-100 children as part of a nursery’s annual picnic and award ceremony. It was a very sunny and hot day. I arrived in good time – in fact I was the first there and waiting sipping water for someone from the nursery to arrive by the café area in Alexandra Park in Hastings. They arrived – which is always a relief and I set up my equipment under a tree and in the shade which I was very happy about. Everyone slowly began to gather and I started to make balloon animals and put them on slap bands so they can easily be on wrists and not blow away in the wind. It also means there is an extra toy to play with once the balloon has gone!

The queue formed very quickly and I worked pretty much non-stop making balloons for the children. Unicorns and dinosaurs were the most popular. I had a short comfort break, managed to eat a roll, and swig water while the short ceremony happened. Even before that had finished, there was a new line of eager people for balloons. It was pretty hot by then and I moved the queue into the shade so as to protect my audience from the heat. I also switched from “request” balloons to “surprise” balloons i.e. my choice, not the child’s choice. Why? Because I had limited time left and I wanted to get through everyone, so I made simpler faster balloons that went down very well. I managed to get through everyone in the line and by then my time was up, the picnic party was over and I packed up my things and walked home via the ice cream van!

Everyone was happy, the organiser, kids, parents and me! So if you would like to see how I can help your outdoor event this summer, please contact me at

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