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6th January 2016
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There’s nothing like a New Year to stimulate a new approach to your business.  The festive season has hopefully given business owners the chance to pause for thought and think about how they are going to become more successful in the next 12 months.


Here are just a few top tips that will make such a difference to the way you do business in 2016:


  • No more piles of business cards! After Networking events, make sure you make the best use of the contacts made, following up on leads as soon as you can.
  • Just 20 minutes a day… to plan your day effectively and think about your business priorities can make a big difference to your results.
  • To do lists are simply just great!  Writing a short list each day of the work you need to get done and prioritise before ticking them off as you go; can give you a real sense of progress.
  • Plan your networking… You can’t go to every event, you simply wouldn’t have a business! So concentrate your efforts on the most effective ones for you and plan them in advance so you don’t miss the ones that matter.
  • You have 1 minute – make it count! The famous Elevator Pitch! Practice makes perfect! Keep it fresh, interesting and relevant.  Make sure you get across in your sixty seconds the key messages that you’d like the others in the room to hear.
  • New customers don’t fall from the sky… So how will you find them?  Plan in time to concentrate on attracting new customers and set a target for prospect meetings, which is going to keep your business on track.


It’s the little things that cumulatively can make a big difference.  Wishing everyone a very prosperous and successful New Year!

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