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13th March 2017
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A common question we get asked is........

‘My hair is dry/brittle/damaged. Why would that happen?

Most hair damage is categorised as mechanical, environmental or chemical, or a combination of all three!

‘What can I do to help it?

We will first ask.......

‘Are you ironing (smoothing) your hair? If so, at what temperature.......?

If you are ironing your hair every day (and we know lots of you will re-iron it when you are going out!) then that’s a lot of heat! Turning your irons down by several degrees will make a difference in the long term..... I usually need 180º on most guests’ hair (and my own!) but if they have fine hair, or it’s been lightened then I’d recommend 160º!  A Heat Protector should always be used, such as Paul Mitchell Heat Seal or Paul Mitchell Hot off the Press (this gives more hold if you are curling your hair).

Again, you can get away without using heat protection for a little while, but then your hair will suffer down the line!

Paul Mitchell Neuro irons give great results at 180º (they also have hotter settings too!) These Neuro irons feature Isotherm Titanium plates, which come in 1.25 inch or 1 inch plates, for a smooth glide and smart sense technology for quick heat recovery, they come with a 2 year guarantee!

We are a Paul Mitchell Signature Salon and are stockists of:

Paul Mitchell Heat Seal 250ml £15.75, Hot off the Press 200ml £16.95

Neuro Smooth irons £99.95, and Neuro style irons £89.95

Want to know more; call me at the Salon on 01424 426114 or pop in, 438 Old London Road, Ore. 

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