How to write a KILLER headline! ⚡
14th September 2020
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I won't dwell on WHY having a killer header is vital to your sales page. You know that when someone lands on your sales page, the 'above the fold' content (before they start to scroll) is super valuable, and will often make or break someone's decision to keep reading.

So what you say in that space MATTERS. But you know that!

So, instead let's talk about HOW you can maximise that above-the-fold real estate... 💸

In the header, you want to use a FEW words to explain WHAT YOU DO.

1️⃣ Tip 1 - Make sure it's clear what the sales page is going to sell them. Explain the proposition clearly, and make sure they know what the value is for them.

2️⃣ Tip 2 - CLEAR is kind. Never use cute or clever language at the expense of clarity. It's more important for people to KNOW WHAT YOU'RE OFFERING than to find you adorable, I promise. Make sure even the most ill informed of folks can understand what you're selling.

3️⃣ Tip 3 - Include a clear and direct call to action. No passive vibes here please. Let's be clear that you're inviting them to make a purchase, don't beat around the bush, tell them how they can work with you and invite them to do it. We're talking 'Buy Now', 'Enrol Now', 'Sign Up'.

Simple. Clear. Direct.

KILLER headline! ⚡

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