How to improve your productivity
20th July 2021
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Allen F. Morgenstern once said “Work smarter not harder”. To be productive means you need to prioritise your work from hardest to easiest. This is all down to the fact that you will need to be focused when doing hard tasks. Not everybody is the same, some people are more focused in the morning, others in the afternoon but understanding when you will get it done is all part of the fun.

There are a few ways to really make sure that you are working in the right manner however it’s pretty easy to fall into the trap of thinking you’ve done a lot when really you haven’t.

Here are a few tips on how to stay motivated to be productive.

  1. Set that time aside to work on the hardest tasks you have to achieve that day. 


  1. Fill in your easier tasks when you have 10-minute gaps. Choose one task, complete it then move on to your next task.


  1. Delegate the tasks that don’t require you to do them anymore.

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