How could the craze for Pokemon Go be beneficial for Hastings businesses?
25th July 2016
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The marketing potential of this Augmented Reality app is enormous with some businesses in the US noticing up to 75% increases in customers purely from being a point of interest known in the game as a ‘PokeStop’.

 These PokeStops essentially allow for the users to restock their limited Pokeballs, potions and other items for free instead of having to make dreaded in-app purchases that are one of the largest deterrents for mobile gamers.

Putting the more obvious attraction of catching the Pokemon aside, the ‘free item refill’ aspect of a PokeStop is largely what keeps people hooked on playing the game.


How are local businesses making the most of Pokemon Go?

A popular restaurant in Hastings has fully embraced Pokemon GO by hosting hugely successful Pokemon GO ‘Lure Evenings’ in which the business puts in-game lures down on their PokeStop for an entire evening.

Customers are then encouraged to come along, enjoy their meals, drink cocktails, and mingle whilst the Pokemon come to them.

Furthermore, the restaurant offers Pokemon trainers (players) a 10% discount on certain food and beverages at the event. 

This is an excellent example of how embracing the marketing potential of Pokemon GO can be used to further a business and quite literally ‘lure’ in customers.

It’s not only the PokeStops that are being used to capitalize on Pokemon GO, an Eastbourne taxi service is offering the skills of an experienced high ranking Pokemon GO player to assist other players in their search for some of the rarest Pokemon in the game.

Even though it has only been available for a few weeks, Pokemon Go has already proven itself to be a crucial marketing tool for both small and large business owners across the globe.


I want to draw in customers! How can I use Pokemon Go to do this?

First, check if you are a Pokestop, or if you are near a Gym.  If you are then use social media to advertise this to your potential customers. You may even be near some rare Pokemon, but it may be hard to know this without guidance from a trainer.

If you are not physically located near any of the above, or are situated in a place where you don’t want to physically draw people in, but do want to use the game to attract customers, you may need to think a bit more creatively about how you do this.

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