December is here and it’s time to buy that Christmas Tree.
5th December 2016
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Some folk have opted for an artificial tree with built in lights as a quick answer to avoid any mess but that is not the only solution to the needle problem.

You can have a fresh Christmas tree without the mess. Any plant having its roots cut off begins to die, without water the tree will shed leaves (needles) and plant will succumb. However, there are ways of having a fresh tree, with its unique scent in the house over Christmas, without the mess.

ü  Buy a tree with roots on, it can be planted-out after the festivities, but beware pine trees can grow to 60ft high! If you opt for a live tree don’t forget to water it.

ü  Buy a Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana). This species is known for not dropping its needles.

ü  Upon getting the tree home, place the root in a water proof container that is large enough to allow for some ballast – to stop it toppling over when decorated, and place wet sand or damp newspaper beneath and around the stump, this will slow the rate of dehydration caused in part by centrally heating.

ü  Recycle, please, use the local council recycling scheme. Keen nature loving gardeners may recycle by laying the redundant tree close to a hedge where small animals can benefit, the tree will rot down slowly, meanwhile the hedgehogs and birds will love you for it.

ü  Buy local. There are excellent suppliers of Christmas trees locally not only are they knowledgeable but may be happy to advise on the size and type of trees available. Local means a low carbon footprint.

ü  Finally, enjoy your tree.

Deck the Halls with boughs of …

Mistletoe, the cheeky Christmas treat.

This parasitic plant grows in the wild upon host trees; usually firs, pines, apple trees, and oaks. It is believed that birds in the wild, having eaten the waxy white berries, would clean their beaks against the bark of the host tree thereby depositing the seeds.

Tradition encourages us to bring in mistletoe as a sign of the new life to come, it also encourages sweethearts to kiss, in case they need any encouragement? Either way, the use of mistletoe and holly to brighten our homes at Christmas time brings delightful colour to charm us all.

Holly, the scarlet berries that say ‘it’s Christmas’.

Boughs of Holly and Mistletoe are on sale through Local suppliers. Why not bring this lovely mixture of deep green foliage interspersed with vivid red berries into the festive home? Combined with mistletoe and a fresh Christmas tree you will have the benefit of lovely Christmas colour and the scents that go with them.

Note: Be careful to keep mistletoe and holly berries away from children and pets. The berries should not be eaten by people or animals.

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