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14th July 2016
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Do you find yourself at the supermarket at 3.59pm on a Sunday wondering why? Well, we all know that our shopping habits and behaviours these days are driven by convenience and very clever marketing campaigns, but a recent survey amongst shoppers indicates that more and more people are complaining about the quality of products because they don’t have time to sample them, try them on or actually engage with any human being in the process. 44%* of the people surveyed indicated that the quality of the products they buy is the most important factor and 34%* said they look for British or locally produced items to get the quality they desire.

For most of us we remember fondly those memories of the good old days when you’d visit the local market, butcher or baker and spend time getting to choose your cut of meat or see your loaf of bread being sliced in front of you.

Well it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and for maybe just a day, a week or perhaps even forever we ask that you support those local owner-managed businesses once again, those restaurateurs, stationers and florists who tirelessly make it their mission to service and supply you the very best products locally. You see, we believe it’s about time we start choosing quality over convenience!

You’ll be buying from friendly, local faces who are knowledgeable about their product or service and are passionate about their business.

Thebestof Hastings is dedicated to championing everything that is good in Hastings and confident that once you experience the quality of your local shops once again, you’ll never look back.

Keen to keep the £ in Hastings and to help local people discover the enjoyment of buying local, thebestof Hastings is teaming up with a host of local businesses and are embarking on what is known as the great ‘Buy Local’ campaign. This years’ Buy Local campaign is bigger and better than ever and will run from now until Monday 25th July. In this period we want to challenge you to shop local and discover just how much more you can get out of your weekly shop, and the best thing? You can win prizes whilst you are at it!

Cash prizes of £100 (to be spent in a local business of course) can be won by registering your support – just click here to show your support - Or you can take a photo of your favourite local business (selfies are encouraged) and send them to us at – we’ll make sure that they get plenty of air time on our social media channels!

We have distinctive and wonderful independent shops, restaurants and businesses in Hastings and we shouldn’t take them for granted. ‘Buy Local’ reminds us that they need the support of local residents to thrive. Town Centres and High streets without local shoppers will see increased numbers of empty units and without a variety of shops and services they lack life, vibrancy and that all-important bunch of flowers!

If you’d like to know more about how you can get your business involved with thebestof Hastings and their summer ‘Buy Local’ campaign, call me on 07801 250668

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