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28th October 2014
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As a qualified and experienced teacher, I am passionate about children’s literacy, which is why I enjoy my current job so much! For the last 25 years, I have been selling Usborne children’s books to parents and children, schools and preschools. One day I could be at a Baby Show selling parents to be books for their new baby, and the next day I could be selling books to children and parents at a home party, school book fair, toddler group or craft fair.


Everywhere I go, I am interested to hear people’s attitude to children’s books:

“I just love Usborne Books- they are the best.”

“I remember these books from when I was little.”

 “We don’t need any more books.”

“My baby is too young for books- she can’t read yet.”
“My children love books- we can’t get enough.”


I always offer to give advice on which titles are suitable for which children, and encourage people to build up an exciting home library for their children.


The latest survey from the Literacy Trust shows up some interesting information:


22.2% of children and young people say that they never or rarely read daily out of class


Young people who read daily outside class are five times as likely to read above the expected level for their age compared with young people who never read outside class


11.5% of children in UK have never been given a book as a present


Figures from


Schools have libraries and children are encouraged to borrow books from school, so there is no reason for any child not to have a book to read, but nothing beats having your own books to read at home.


I still have some books which belonged to my grandparents given to them as prizes over 100 years ago, and I also have books I was given as prizes and presents nearly 50 years ago.


So, if you are wondering what to buy a child or young person for Christmas, a book is ideal! A good book will become a treasured possession, it will be read and enjoyed, it will help increase literacy levels, it will not break or need new batteries, and Usborne Books are made from environmentally friendly materials!

Usborne publish over 2000 titles for children from babies to young adults, so check out the titles here and enjoy your Christmas shopping through the website. If you want to actually see, touch and smell the books, (yes, there are many people, me included, who like to smell books!) then please contact me through the website to arrange your own book event at home with some friends. Or you may love books so much that you want to join my team and sell Usborne books yourself- again, check out the website and contact me!


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Chrissy Noble, Top Usborne Group Sales, 2011, 2012

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