A Mini Tarkovsky Season at Kino-Teatr
18th April 2017
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Mirror (1975)

Wed 19th at 7.30pm & Thu 20th at 2.00pm

Often considered to be Tarkovsky's masterpiece, The Mirror, blends the themes of childhood memories, dreams, emotional abandonment and loss of innocence with devastating archival footage of Red Army troops arduously trudging through mud, allowing these recollections to reverberate within Russia’s tumultuous national history. It is a loosely autobiographical, unconventionally structured film that incorporates poems composed and read by the director's father, Arseny Tarkovsky. An inspired and sublime meditation on time and memory.

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Nostalgia (1983)

Wed 26th at 7.30pm & Thu 27th at 2.00pm

Andrei Tarkovsky’s unforgettably haunting film, his first to be made outside Russia, explores the melancholy of the expatriate through the film’s protagonist, Gorchakov, a Russian poet researching in Italy. Arriving at a Tuscan village spa with Eugenia, his beautiful Italian interpreter, Gorchakov is visited by memories of Russia and of his wife and children, and he encounters the local mystic who sets him a challenging task.

Nostalgia is filled with a series of mysterious and extraordinary images, all of which coalesce into a miraculous whole in the film’s final shot. As in all Tarkovsky’s films, nature, the elements of fire and water, music, painting and poetry all play a major role.

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