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It’s New Year’s Day 2020 and the internet is flooded with videos and blogs giving you insights and tools into setting your goals for the year. ‘New Year Resolutions’ maybe.
And taking the time to make sure it's right is even better!
Conflict – How to avoid it
Conflict – How to avoid it
Most of us dislike conflict – although you can probably think of someone who seems to thrive on it or even attract it. Generally, though, I think we try to get along with others in the world. It makes the day go easier if we are at ease with those around us and makes for a happier life.
It's all go at Serenity - from job vacancies to new team members, new products & treatments to seasonal offers.
Top tips on how to protect your eyesight, especially as you get older.
Look Around You
Look Around You
When we lack confidence or are in fear, we can become ‘ungrounded’ and ‘in our head’ dealing with the negative emotions and trying to work out a situation mentally. One of the ways we can ‘ground ourselves’ or get back into our body is to breathe as discussed in my last blog and this week’s blog is an additional very simple technique.
Personal obstacles can often impact on our ability to do a good job in the workplace, to be the parent we want to be, to be social with our friends and be confident in the world. To bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be can seem an impossible task.
Eyemasters discusses the impact of screens on our eyes.
Why Confidence Matters
Why Confidence Matters
Your level of performance is directly related to your level of confidence. If you want to perform better you need to raise your level of confidence in your ability to attempt, if not fulfil, the task in hand. Confidence matters because you are unlikely to attempt something if you don’t believe in your ability. Self-belief is in part, confidence.
“I should have come to see you years ago, I don’t know why I didn’t.” – this was something said to me this week whilst booking a Discovery Session for a potential new client.
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