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Gabi from Sarnia Shores Beach Art is thrilled to have her Cow & Trident painting featured in the Guernsey Arts 2023 Open Exhibition in the George Crossan Gallery on Market Street. It’s well worth a visit to see the work of over 100 local artists.
Attention Guernsey businesses! With talks of GST making waves, what does it really mean for you? From registration thresholds to the tools that can simplify the process, we dive into the subject in our latest blog. Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed decisions for your business.
Heads up, pet lovers of Guernsey! 📣 There's a new cause for joyous barks and ecstatic purrs right here on our beautiful island. "Creature Comforts Waggle Centre" Lowlands Industrial Estate, Vale – your new one-stop shop for all things pets! 🎈
Presented annually by the YBG, the Bill Green Award aims to elevate local businesses into the spotlight and this year will be awarded as part of the Véyaon Awards in November, during Global Entrepreneurship Week.
Is electric transport part of your business, now or in the future? Electric Living wants to tell people about the sustainable, innovative electric transport options available in Guernsey and they need some help.
Switching to electric transport is one of the most impactful ways individuals can help reduce global carbon emissions. But how much carbon do vehicles actually produce? We commissioned a study to find out.
Guernsey Electricity is teaming up with local installers and trade partners to inspire and accelerate the decarbonisation of heating and transport in Guernsey.
Calling all schools and students- We have opened our Bailiwick Schools Eco challenge for 2021 with Guernsey Post. Encourage your children and their school to get involved to win £1,000 towards environmental improvements and make a real difference.
Food for Families launched in April last year, shortly after Guernsey entered lockdown for the first time, and provided nutritious meals to local families in need at a time when social distancing restrictions were at their peak.
Guernsey Chest and Heart
Guernsey Chest and Heart
Come to Guernsey Chest and Heart for a free health check-up. We screen adults between 25 and 75
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