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12th April 2022
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Electric transport in Guernsey

You’ve heard about electric cars, and no doubt have your own view on whether they’re a good or a bad thing.

Compared to a petrol or diesel vehicle, they release far fewer carbon emissions across their entire lifecycle and are great news for local air quality as the vehicles produce no exhaust pipe emissions. Better still, if you can charge your electric vehicle between 11pm and 5am, you won’t need to use electricity generated at the power station as Electric Living can rely on 100% imported renewable electricity overnight.

But what else is there?

In this exciting world of innovation and technology, Electric Living are hearing about new and exciting transport options all the time and they would like to tell people more about them. They've heard about e-bike conversions and vehicle conversions, and wondered what else is out there and available in Guernsey.

All bikes are far better for the environment than cars, but will still contain embodied CO² emissions due to manufacture and distribution.

Become an exhibitor 

Would you like to be part of an exciting electric transport event in Guernsey?

If you have a sustainable, innovative product or service linked to transport that you’d like to showcase and talk to potential customers about, Electric Living might have the right event for you just around the corner.
Open to start-ups, companies, one-man-bands, business divisions… They'll talk about the electricity, and you’ll talk about why your sustainable transport product is great for our island.
If you can match all 3 points below, follow the link to register your interest in being part of Guernsey’s electric transport showcase. A provisional date is in place for Sunday 11th September 2022, confirmation will follow.
  • Electric Transport
  • Sustainable
  • Innovative

This isn’t just about electric cars. If you have something that facilitates more sustainable travel and recreation that’s powered using electricity, get in touch with Electric Living today. Giving people the chance to touch, feel and test out your product is a great opportunity not to be missed and could even secure more sales.

All details HERE

Register your interest as an exhibitor HERE

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