Guernsey Arts 2023 Open Exhibition
12th October 2023
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Gabi is absolutely thrilled to have her Cow & Trident painting showcased in the prestigious Guernsey Arts 2023 Open Exhibition, hosted at the George Crossan Gallery on Market Street. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in Gabi's artistic journey and underscores her dedication to her craft. The Cow & Trident painting is a labor of love, reflecting Gabi's unique perspective and creative prowess.

Being part of this exhibition, featuring the works of over 100 local artists, is a remarkable opportunity for Gabi to connect with the vibrant arts community in Guernsey and share her passion with a wider audience.

For art enthusiasts and visitors to Guernsey, the 2023 Open Exhibition is an event not to be missed. It offers a captivating glimpse into the diverse and thriving artistic landscape of the island. Gabi's Cow & Trident painting, amongst the many other exceptional works on display, promises a visual feast that celebrates the rich artistic heritage of Guernsey. Don't hesitate to visit the exhibition and experience the magic created by Gabi and her fellow artists in this splendid showcase of local talent.

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