The Bailiwick School Eco-Challenge
6th May 2021
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What is it all about?

The EcoChallenge is open to all schools within the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Working in teams of two, three or four pupils, your challenge is to consider one major project or a few smaller ways you could improve your schools environmental sustainability.

The teams

There are two team categories: 6-8 years and 9-12 years

Category 6-8 years:

Your challenge is to put forward a practical (physical way) or more creative idea to improve your schools environmental sustainability. Your entry should include a drawing of your idea, an explanation of how it works and how it will improve your schools environmental sustainability.

Category 9-12: 

Your challenge is to create a plan of action as to how you can put your idea into practice. The idea can be practical or completely conceptual. Draw or model your design including supporting information to explain how it works and how it will improve your schools environmental sustainability.


There will be one winning team in each age category (no runners up) and each winning
team will win £1,000 cash prize for their school to go towards implementing any eco-friendly initiatives. 

EcoChallenge entries will be shortlisted and the judging panel will visit the shortlisted teams in age category 9-12  for the teams to present their ideas. Shortlisted teams in age category 6-8 will be notified but will not be required to present their ideas.

Please download the Bailiwick Schools Eco-Challenge pack for more information.

2021 Eco schools challenge 

The 2021 Eco challenge is accepting entries from 20th April -28th May 2021. Please email entires to Alternatively, entries can be posted or dropped in to:

Guernsey Electricity
Electricity House,

2019 Winners

Amherst and Vauvert Primary Schools were confirmed as winners of the ‘Bailiwick School Eco Challenge 2019’ run by Guernsey Electricity and Guernsey Post.

Amherst’s ‘Team Super Solar’, consisting of Mateo Saunal and Rory Le Poidevin, won the age 9 to 12 category with two separate concepts. The first involved the use of steam to produce electricity and conserve coal to power the Amherst school bus and the other incorporated solar panels to heat the swimming pool in winter.

‘The Find and Collect Gang’, from Vauvert, came out top in the age 6 to 8 category. Their crisp packet recycling idea included calculations on how many crisp packets could be diverted from Mont Cuet by being recycled and even used a promotional campaign to get the rest of the school on board with the idea. The team members were Willow Chapman, Lily Griffiths-Ali and Hollie Vennard.

Alice Gill, Guernsey Electricity PR and Communications Lead, said: “Environmental sustainability is a major focus for us at Guernsey Electricity so we are keen to support the efforts of local schools and were delighted to see the range of creative concepts that the pupils came up with.”

Dawn Gallienne, Head of Corporate Engagement at Guernsey Post, added: “We are so pleased with how the children have responded to this challenge, although it made it difficult to choose the winners. The entry from Rory and Mateo was fantastic. They are budding inventors and full of enthusiasm which is brilliant to see".

“The Find and Collect Gang also did a fabulous job with their entry, thinking about how they can get the rest of the school on board with their recycling initiative. Both teams were very worth winners and we hope the prize can go some way to help the schools implement some of the initiatives.” 


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