A New Pet Paradise in Guernsey: "Creature Comforts Waggle Centre"
5th July 2023
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Step into the inviting world of "Creature Comforts" 🚪 and you're immediately greeted by a vibrant, warm atmosphere that reflects our love for all things furry, feathered, and scaled. With shelves brimming with top-notch pet products, this pet paradise beautifully marries elegance and comfort to cater to all of your pet's needs and whims. 🍖🧸

Our shop boasts a wide array of high-grade pet supplies, ranging from nutritious gourmet food and chic accessories to durable toys and health-enhancing supplements. 🍲🧥 Each product has been meticulously handpicked to ensure your pet's optimum comfort and wellbeing, be they big or small, dog or cat, bird or fish.

However, "Creature Comforts" isn't just about shopping. In tune with the busy lifestyles of modern pet parents, we've rolled out an exceptional dayboarding service for dogs. 🏡🕰 Your pets will find a second home here, with cosy resting areas, spacious play zones, personalised feeding spaces, and a team of compassionate animal handlers to give your beloved companions all the love, attention, and care they need. 🥰🐾

For pets that enjoy a bit of socialising, they can enjoy monitored playtime with fellow boarders. 👫 And if your pet has specific dietary needs, medical conditions, or anxiety issues, worry not – our staff is trained to provide specialised care.

That's not all! "Creature Comforts" is proud to introduce its very own pet grooming service, your pet can now enjoy a little pampering, emerging refreshed, and looking their absolute best.

"Creature Comforts" stands out from the crowd, not only with our extensive range of products and services but also with our commitment to promote responsible pet ownership. 🐾💕 We host educational events to help pet owners and the general public learn about the needs of different pets and the best practices in pet care.

So, whether you're a dedicated pet parent, considering adding a new fur-baby to your family, or simply have a soft spot for animals, "Creature Comforts" is the go-to destination for you. 🥳🏞 This exciting new pet hub has something to cater to everyone's tastes and is set to transform the pet care experience in Guernsey.


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