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Mrs Fisken makes a delicious chicken liver pate that has been enjoyed by locals and visitors to Guernsey for over 30 years. If you want to taste the finest pate there is, you need Mrs Fisken's Pate.

In 1976 when local girl Tilly Fiskens and her husband returned to Guernsey from London they bought and ran a food produce store in Smith Street known as Robert Smiths. With a young family, and a newly purchased home to furnish, funds were tight, and Tilly could not afford some door handles she wanted.

So it was then Mrs Fiskens started making her now-famous chicken liver pate using an old family recipe, to sell it in the family shop to raise extra money to buy those door handles.

The pate proved so popular that Mrs Fisken could not stop selling it - long after she had bought those door handles, long after their shop had ceased trading - and now, over 30 years later, Mrs Fisken's Pate is more popular than ever before!

An Island Favourite For Over Thirty Years


Mrs Fisken's Pate is a chicken liver pate made weekly from fresh local ingredients, including local dairy products, then delivered to local stockists.

Mrs Fisken's Pate is locally made from fresh ingredients - without all of the preservatives that mass market pate products have to use so that they can be kept in storage long term while being transported globally - this ensures the delicious fresh flavour of Mrs Fisken's Pate, explaining why it has kept growing in popularity for over three decades.


You will find Mrs Fisken's Pate for sale in the following local stores - just hurry because it is very popular!

  • Alliance Channel Islands
    Braye Road Industrial Estate,
    Braye Road,
    GY3 5XB

  • The Channel Islands Co-Operative Society Limited
    - Grand Marché St Sampson
    Nocq Road,
    St. Sampson,
    GY2 4PB

  • The Channel Islands Co-Operative Society Limited
    - Grand Marché St Martin
    La Route des Camps,
    St. Martin,
    GY2 6AA

  • Forest Stores
    Le Bourg,
    GY8 0AW

  • Perelle Butchery
    Rue de la Hougues Bachelle,
    GY7 9QE

  • Surf and Turf
    Castle Emplacement,
    St Peter Port,
    GY1 1AU

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