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The staff are always so welcoming, helpful and willing to go the extra mile. I loved every minute of our wedding here!
I enjoyed a wonderful overnight stay at The White House Hotel last week. As a Guernsey resident it never fails to amaze me how you can be instantly transported to another world as soon as you step off the boat onto beautiful Herm which is only a short distance across the water. I took my closest friend who was visiting me from the UK as a special treat - she'd never stayed in Herm before - and she absolutely loved it. Great service from all the staff at The White House, a fabulous breakfast and a five star customer experience all round.
It said 'Welcome to paradise', Yes Herm is a paradise. As soon as you arrive there you're looked after: a young man picks up your luggage at the harbour and takes it to your hotel room. No TV. NO TELEPHONE! Truly a beautiful unspoilt nature. Very warm welcome from all the staff involved in making sure you are happy; the hotel receptionists, the waiters etc..Wonderful food there too: breakfast at the hotel, battered fish at The Mermaid, super cream tea at the Ship Inn. Comfort at the sea view rooms at the cottage. BRILLIANT - we want to go there again!
It said 'Welcome to paradise', Yes Herm is a paradise. As soon as you arrive there you're looked after: a young man picks up your luggage at the harbour and takes it to your hotel room. No TV. NO TELEPHONE! Truly a beautiful unspoilt nature. Very warm welcome from all the staff involved in making sure you are happy; the hotel receptionists, the waiters etc..Wonderful food there too: breakfast at the hotel, battered fish at The Mermaid, super cream tea at the Ship Inn. Comfort at the sea view rooms at the cottage. BRILLIANT - we want to go there again!
The Mary Poppins of holidays - Practically Perfect in Every Way! We spent a week in Herms holiday cottages in the summer holiday of 2014 with my Mum aged 60, my two daughters aged 18months and 6 years and myself 32 and we all thoroughly enjoyed our stay! We've done various UK holiday camps with masses of entertainment and provided fun for the children but my 6 year old had so much more fun and made so many memories on Herm - we can't wait to come back with my husband/their Daddy and show him the place we fell in love with!
I love the natural beauty of Herm Island, the way it makes me feel when I am there and totally chilled out by the time I leave. Every year in June I stay at the delightful Belvoir Cottage and get to visit the best beach in the world, Belvoir Bay. Every year on Father's Day, my Dad gets treated to a trip over to Herm for lunch at The White House Hotel and enjoys the day so much says that nothing could top it! I am lucky as I have access to a boat although I do use the Herm Travel Trident also to visit Herm for the Christmas shopping trips and regularly throughout the year. Camping in Herm is also a great experience which I also do each summer.
We have been visiting for 45 years, enjoyed meeting the wood family too! In all that time despite having enjoyed worldwide travel returning to Herm is just like coming home - you get that aaah! feeling so good to be back. A little bit of paradise! Visited last year for a 'Big' birthday! Hope to return & bring friends! Just can't keep away!
Herm Island is a great place for all the family the kids have lots of fun on the beaches and the adults can chil out and have fun with their friends in The Mermaid of in The Ship restaurant and the shops are great too, as soon as you step on Herm you feel you are in another world, roll on the summer!
Herm Island is unique, a wonderful place to visit and to stay. What's not to love.
We had such a wonderfully peaceful time last year. We were never bored we just explored as much of the Island as we could. Herm is so beautiful and the the staff in all the establishments so helpful and friendly that we are going back this June for two weeks. I'm not ruling out another visit in 2016 either!
One of the most beautiful relaxing peaceful places on earth! The staff can never do enough for you always so friendly & welcoming they always work as a team one big happy family. Would be very worthy winners.
Herm Island is truly unique and utterly magical. Having visited the island at least once a year for every one of my 22 years, I can say hand on heart that it is a wonderful place to go. There is something for everyone, beautiful beaches, refreshing walks, fantastic food and drink, the best sunsets in the world and complete relaxation. When I was little, having the freedom to go to the beaches without the parents was very special, and for my parents Herm offered complete safety that enabled them the freedom to walk the indirect route to the beach. Now I am older, it allows me the opportunity to meet friends that I only see on Herm, and take my mind off exams and other stresses. I love Herm so much that during my gap year I worked in the restaurant in the hotel and got to live on Herm for 3 and a half months which I enjoyed very much. Herm Island offers beautiful scenery and a chance to relax completely and I cannot recommend it enough.
The whole island is beautiful..the fact it is untouched by the pressures and polution of modern day living ..makes it a truly tranquil place..A little bit of heaven on earth :)
a great little island to visit and so easy to reach, had some brilliant lunches and afternoon breaks on Herm. :)
A beautiful island that is so close by is fantastic to have, breathtaking views, beautiful beaches and great meals. i couldn't ask for more from this little gem. enjoy every moment I'm there and even if I'm not it looks awesome from the other rock :)
I spend a lot of time in herm for all different occasions and it never lets me down, a fantastic island to just sit back and relax.
What can I say about Herm Island and the White House Hotel that hasn't already been phrased more eloquently by others reviewing here? Well, we visited for the first time to celebrate my wife's 50th Birthday and were captivated. We returned a few months later for mine and we were hooked. It's now a regular trip 2 or 3 times each year. It slows the hectic pace of life, provides a fantastic opportunity to relax and enjoy great hospitality while recharging our batteries. The food is some of the best around prepared by an impressive team, the wine list is outstanding and the staff friendly and welcoming. This year will see our 20th visit to what we now regard as our holiday getaway! Our only disappointment is that we didn't discover it sooner - we'll just have to visit more often to catch up with our fellow connoisseurs of excellence!
Surely one of the most special hotels in the UK and Channel Islands. Because Herm is virtually vehicle free, it feels relaxed to the core - unlike, for instance, Sark which is plagued by tractors. Herm island is simply lovely and the hotel is just so comfortable, with a superb view across to Guernsey, and staff who can't do enough to make you feel at home, Excellent food, space and nothing to worry about: what more can you want on holiday?
Herm Island is a simply beautiful paradise in the English Channel. After a short 20 min boat ride from the island of Guernsey you step ashore and instantly relax into the laid back way of life away from the noise of cars, buses, lorries and even bikes! A walk 'over the top' and down to the idyllic Belvoir Bay and you could forgive yourself for thinking you were in the Carribean somewhere. While away the hours sifting through the numbers of exotic shells found on Belvoir or Shell Beach before walking back around to the harbour for a well earned beer at the Mermaid Tavern before heading back to reality. After all, you have deserved it after such a tough day! Simply one of the best days out the. Channel Isles can offer.
I've been visiting Herm Island for 30 years. Fishing, walking, scouring the beaches for shells, Rocquettes cider in The Mermaid, camping, seeing Dolphins from the Travel Trident - this is memories for life stuff! Anytime I need a break from the toil of London, a short hop from Southampton gives me the chance to recharge the batteries - at any time of the year. The staff on the Island are the best and each cottage is spotless when you arrive. If you have never been - you're missing one of life's best secret places!
We have been visiting Herm for 25 years. An island that has remained central to our children's lives from infancy through school and university and into adult life. Herm satisfies every age and stage. Two of our children love the island so much they became temporary residents, working the summer season in their gap years. An unforgettable privilege. And for us? Staying at the White House with young children provided the perfect balance: a safe, stunningly beautiful location where we indulged small people with endless hours on the beach, sought out puffins, rock-pooled or simply walked the cliff path - happy to give them time knowing that each evening they would sleep soundly and leave us to enjoy fine food and wine. Grandparents joined us and added to the store of precious family memories. An island that teenagers look forward to visiting - even with revision texts in hand and where they have to make their own entertainment? A magic formula indeed. And now, with children grown and scattered, it has become a focal week in the family year. Four months to the next visit and counting...
Herm Island! don't go there please because we have discovered it and its one of the last outposts of pure civilisation and tranquillity left for us to relax and enjoy, away from the hustle and bustle of 21st century life. In less than two hours we can fly from Southampton to Guernsey, then sail to Herm Island and be welcomed at the wonderful White House Hotel, to be pampered for the duration of our stay. Its bliss, no cars, no unnatural noise, so that sums it up, no need for you to come. Thank you.
As a disabled person I first chose to visit Herm Island because I wanted to be within easy walking distance of beaches. The facilities and excellent service at the White Hotel suit me so well that we now return regularly each year for the perfect relaxing break with fabulous food in gorgeous surroundings.
Herm is our "paradise" island, where we feel at home as soon as we are on the ferry from Guernsey. Scenery to die for, food to delight in and wonderful hospitality..can't beat it!
Fabulous place, fabulous food, fabulous Hotel and fabulous people! We spent my 60th birthday here for 4 days and were spoiled rotten. Nothing was too much trouble even at the cafe on the beach out of season! The island is easily accessible and has a continuous walk around it which has beauty around every corner. The beaches are pure white sand and the sea is crystal clear. If you want total peace and quiet and great surroundings then visit Herm and be amazed.
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