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Do you need brick or natural stone for walls and floors, or paving, kerbs, even timber sleepers? If so make sure you talk to the experts at CI Stone.

Founded in 2018, CI Stone specialises in supplying natural stone, ceramic, brick, concrete and similar connected products used in landscaping at competitive prices with a professional service you can trust.

CI Stone maintains high levels of stock so that all of their commercial and individual customers can get the products they need for any project, whenever they need it. You can see the styles of many of the products offered in the images above or on CI Stone's website here.

CI Stone also have a very impressive showroom where you can take a leisurely walk around the 2,500 square foot display area and browse samples of their ranges in person.

Block Paving

Versatile enough to complement any project, and of superlative quality to add a level of aesthetic smartness and refinement that you just cannot get with common tarmac, block paving is available in stock from CI Stone in a dozen different styles, including: Manhattan, Boulevard, Plaza, Sienna, Riverstone and Retro.

Whether you want a beautiful driveway to your house that will raise the impression people have of your home, or you are laying down permanent paths and relaxation areas in your garden that will be easy to keep clean and maintained and last a lifetime, block paving is a stylish and smart solution.


Despite its name, porcelain paving is not delicate and fragile like porcelain crockery - far from it! Made from a mixture of clay, sand and other minerals in a high temperature kiln, porcelain paving slabs are incredibly durable. They are also completely non-porous, making them immune to water absorption, so they are easy to keep clean with very little maintenance.

CI Stone keeps several dozen styles of porcelain paving slabs in stock, including such styles as Rustique, Anthracite, Oak Light Wood, Multiquartz, Grande Marble Look, Smoke Grey, Magnum Cream, and the glossy looking Italian Ocean Grey and Ardesia Grey.

Natural Stone

Natural stone paving provides a more rustic appearance with aged lines and riven surfaces that blend better with older properties that have closer proximity to natural landscapes, but can also work well in smaller gardens.

CI Stone keep in stock several dozen styles from the more modern looks of Black Limestone Riven, Smooth Sawn Grey Sandstone, Brazilian Black Slate, Sawn Rainbow Sandstone and Sawn Black Granite, to more traditional looking stone such as Silver Granite Setts, Raj Green Cobbles, Autumn Blend Sandstone Riven and Black Limestone Cobbles.


Whether you are looking for masonry products to actually build your home, or stone to re-face it or build garden, perimeter and driveway walls, CI Stone has got you covered.

From more traditional red bricks like Kingston and Landsdowne, to more rustic Natural Stone Cladding, Garden Stone and Country Stone, and even Natural Timber Cladding, if you want a more traditional look for your home and garden then CI Stone can help with cost effective solutions that will suit what you need.


Edging kerbs are an essential finishing touch for driveways and garden boundaries where paving meets grass or flower borders. CI Stone keeps several styles in stock which match their ranges of walling and paving materials, including Country Kerb, Kerbstone and Tegula Kerb Large.


Despite their name, CI Stone also offer pressure-treated timber sleepers as another natural solution that is perfect for raised planters or retaining higher ground next to a driveway or paths. These timber sleepers are 200mm (w) x 100mm (h) x 2,400mm (l).


CI Stone's entire product line focuses on more natural, eco-friendly solutions to the more common and ugly man-made solutions like tarmac and breeze blocks. However they would be remiss if they did not also offer cutting-edge man-made solutions that are also very environmentally friendly.

Accordingly CI Stone also offer such modern cutting edge solutions as Geo-Technical ground-reinforcing grids, Geotextiles, Securagrid, Webcells and recessed manholes.

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