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My daughter and husband attend the Intro to Dance classes with Miss Emma and love it. It really is a time for them to enjoy together which they both look forward to. Emma is wonderful with them all and let them progress at their own pace whilst complementing them. I even got to watch their end of term session and invited the grandparents along to watch.
My daughters really enjoy their dance classes and Miss Tracey is such a lovely teacher.
The teachers are very engaging with allDance pupils and parents! Very friendly and gets the best out of even the 2year olds.
My daughter absolutely loves dancing at Avril Earl dance centre - it is her second home!! The teachers are all lovely and she is well supported.
My daughter has an amazing time at Avrils, dream teachers, great lessons, a variety of opportunities . Just the best
The teachers are amazing and extremely friendly. Every lesson is fun and we always have a good time.
It's our second home! The teachers are very supportive and friendly. We love coming here.
Our girls practically live at their dance school! The teachers are great and the girls love their lessons - worth all the time and money!
Avril Earl Dance Centre staff are always very helpful, communication is great. A very welcoming school for both the children and parents.
I love Guernsey because it is so beautiful and safe. Everyone is so kind here. I dance a lot at the Avril Earl Centre and I love it. I learn so much here and everyone is like family. It feels like a second home.
We love our dance classes with Miss Avril and Miss Tracey. They are fun and we take part in competitions and festivals.
I love the feeling of family within the classes and all the support I have receivd during my time here as well as the amazing coaching.
My children always come back happy. They love it here and learn so much - it's a great place.
Both my sons attended Avril Earl from a very young age and had many years of incredible experiences in dance and acting performing locally, nationally and internationally. The school nurtures a camaraderie and community amongst the students that is a joy and instils a humility in them that is so important. They have a very inclusive ethos and everyone gets the same attention.My eldest son, at the age of 22, still has the same 3 best friends that he met at Avril Earl when he was a kid.
Great teachers who are very dedicated to their cause. My daughter really enjoys coming, she has made great friends and has had some great stage experiences.
Avril Earl is the best dance school because everything is so organised and the teachers are so great. GO AVRIL EARL!
My girls love coming to their dance lessons. Fantastic, friendly and knowledgeable staff teamed with an inspiring atmosphere.
Avril Earl is like a second home to my girls! They look forward to every single class they do. They love learning so much here, and are so happy.
So dedicated to what Avril does in her business. She has an amazing studio and has helped me become a stronger performer.
This has been a wonderful dance school for my granddaughter. We have watched her confidence grow and love to watch her perform.
A fantastic and inspiring dance school - they give great support and excel at building confidence!
My daughter loves dancing here as the teachers are very good and encouraging.
Fabulous! Avril Earl always encourage the students!
I bring my granddaughter to the Centre for her ballet lessons. The Centre is very friendly and helpful and my granddaughter loves her lessons.
My daughter loves the classes at Avril Earl Dance Centre.
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