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News from the Children's Respite Trust's latest Ambassador's Reception - a regular gathering of the Charity's representatives at Eastbourne's Cavendish Hotel.
'On the Box' Flower Festival will include arrangements as varied as the weather forecast, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and the Great British Bake Off. 29th - 31st August in Ninfield Memorial Hall TN33 9EE
We are frequently asked "What do Furniture Now! do to be a charity?" so I thought I would put a blog together to give you all a run down of the charity's good vital work.
We are very proud of our amazing volunteers at Furniture now! they are the cogs that keep the wheel turning. Here's a little bit of what they do and what you can gain from volunteering.
Furniture Now! held a high profile Stakeholders Open Morning on Friday 6th February with over 40 guests including the Lord Lieutenant of East Sussex - Peter Field and the Mayor of Eastbourne - Councillor Janet Coles.
Local lady, Loreen Camfield, has become the latest addition to the Children’s Respite Trust’s team of volunteer caseworkers.
Not everyone would got the extra mile for Charity, but JAGtechnic are going all the way to Venice!
There always seems to be someone asking for support when it comes to charity. Without the generous support of locals many would no be able to carry out their fantastic work.
When it comes to good causes we all love to help but this year JAGTechnic are taking this to new heights.
Giving is important to Recruitment South East and proud to be supporting a number of charities through Give on the mobile.
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