Where to go horse riding in Brighton and Hove?
27th October 2017
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The countryside around Brighton and Hove is inviting to horse lovers who dream about hacking on the beautiful South Downs. Some stables in area offer not only riding lessons but also hacks where you can enjoy great scenery whilst experiencing a lovely ride.

Here are some recommendations for Horse Riding Schools that provide services like this:

Chestnuts Riding School 

This Riding School provides a fantastic indoor arena with lessons as well as hacking tours. Due to the location there is a direct and road free access to the South Downs. At the beginning each rider has to participate in an assessment and introduction lesson. Afterwards, there are a variety of horses to choose from. Most of them are suitable for beginners and the more advanced horses and ponies will be only given to riders of sound proven ability. 

They offer private and semi-private lessons, group and jumping lessons, hacking and riding for the disabled. 

Chestnuts Riding School is only 17 minutes away from Brighton Station by car. For further information, click here: http://www.chestnuts-riding-school.co.uk/

3 Greys Riding School 

This is a family run business established since 1963. Beginners and experienced riders are welcome. There are horses and ponies to suit all abilities.

Group lessons take place from half an hour to one hour and the duration of the escorted hacks varies between one and two hours. Stable Management Days and Hen Parties/ Corporate Entertainment services are offered as well. Furthermore, Birthday Parties can be held there too.

The 3 Greys Riding School is only 6.8 miles away from Brighton Station. To find out more about this place, please click on the link below:

Happy Valley Riding School 

This riding school is situated right at the foot of the beautiful South Downs which allows you to enjoy the view during a hack whilst enjoying your ride.

Hacking in the Downs can be for one to two hours. In addition to this, Pub Rides, Gentle Strolls and River Rides are offered as well. Furthermore, Happy Valley Riding School provides adult stable days, Birthday parties, flat-work lessons and jumping lessons. Group and private lessons can be booked for 30 or 60 minutes. 

This Riding School is 6.4 miles away from Churchill Square, Brighton. To learn more, please click on the link below: http://happyvalleyridingschool.co.uk/


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