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The second in our series of Brighton and Hove’s quirkier pubs chosen by journalist and Great British Pub Awards judge Phil Mellows. “It’s hard to find a pub in this city that isn’t quirky, but these are some of my favourites.”
Mould is a common nuisance problem that affects thousands of homes across the UK every year. But where does it come from?
Even if you’re not, it might be time for you to consider damp proofing treatment to ensure the structural integrity and safety of your home should dampness become a problem.
Suffering with chimney damp?
Suffering with chimney damp?
Noticing dampness within your home usually raises immediate concerns, and most people will notice it through wet patches on walls, flaking patches of paint or a tidemark rising across the whole wall.
Sometimes moisture may be absorbed from the ground, condensation may form on cold surfaces or rain may be entering your property via the roof or walls.
If you’ve ever had these nasty beetles burrow themselves in the wood in your home, you’ll know just how troublesome and disastrous woodworm can be.
Find all the major local firework displays in and around the Brighton and Hove and area for November 2018.
Watch out for these truly horrible happenings for you and your children in and around Brighton and Hove this October. Boo-tiful!
During the colder autumnal and winter months (October – April) condensation becomes a more prominent and problematic occurrence.
Updated for 2018: A list of some of the best Halloween parties, events and celebrations in the Brighton and Hove and Sussex.
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